Do you know the legend of Rombold the Giant?

The inspiration for this month’s Lensbaby blog came from a combination of Rombold’s story and a technical issue with my Imac! On a cold, crisp, sunny Sunday morning I headed up to the Cow and Calf on Ilkley Moor in North Yorkshire. Whilst chatting and taking in the panoramas, my friend Luci told me the story of Rombold the Giant and how the local landscape was formed. Legend has it that Rombold was fleeing from his angry wife and stamped on a rock as he leapt across the valley, so splitting the Cow from the Calf! His wife dropped the stones held in her skirt to form the ‘skirtful of stones’. And so the landscape of boulders was formed.After hearing the story and browsing through my images (and hindered also by a highlight and magenta problem on my Imac!) I decided to veer away from my usual bright, colourful edit to produce a darker, more moody black and white set of images (something which took me completely outside my comfort zone). I felt it suited the legend despite it not reflecting the blue skies of the beautiful, crisp February morning.

I do love using my Velvet 85 but having seen the fantastic examples of photographs taken with the new Burnside 35 it is definitely on my wish list! Who is lucky enough to already have the Burnside? I can’t wait!

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