This month’s Lensbaby Blog Circle post documents another  day out in Yorkshire. I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful places to escape to on my doorstep.

The walk started next to Yore Mills which dates back to 1784. I love to photograph old buildings but this one is on a bridge so difficult to pull back from especially using a Velvet 85!

The 3 stepped waterfalls at Aysgarth has been visited by Wordsworth , sketched by Turner and more recently a backdrop for the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Unfortunately the falls were not at their most dramatic because of all the dry weather in May.

Aysgarth Falls

Up the hard limestone steps and around so many lovely flower strewn pathways and country meadows.

Castle Bolton did not seem to be getting any nearer! I did get a little lost and the walk was so much longer than planned. At last another signpost (I do love to photograph signposts!) .

The journey took me via the famous Wensleydale Creamery. I just had to add a Lensbaby portrait to my blog. Wallace posed beautifully for me!

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