In an era where technology allows us to capture each fleeting moment of our lives and share it instantly with the whole wide world, rarely do we take the time to slow down, gather the generations together, and capture that special “family time”. Family photographs show the generations as a unit and have been proven to boost a child’s self esteem. As an ex teacher, I know how much children adore to “show and tell” the story behind them!

Today we enjoy digital images on a variety of devices – but do they have the same impact? Shoot, glance, share, store. What happens to them? Are they on the Cloud, stored on a memory stick, or burnt to a disk? They can often get deleted, lost, or simply (and sadly) forgotten about.

I am biased, but I firmly believe that photographs should be framed and displayed in the home. Just looking at the smiles can bring back the memories and brighten up a dull day. There is so much value in having framed fine art images and albums to cherish and preserve your family story, and to provide heirlooms to pass down to your children and generations beyond.

We don’t always appreciate the importance of family photographs until it’s too late! As I put pictures up in my new home I realise that I didn’t commission enough professional photographs to document my children growing up. Those times can never be recaptured! So make 2017 the year of your family portrait, whether it’s to celebrate a special event or just create memories to last forever.

Here are some testimonials from two of my clients who love to capture those special moments as their families grow.

So lovely to see our photo on your blog – that one is one of our favourites – our dog Sweep even stayed in shot. Jools has photographed our growing family over the last few years; it is both exciting and slightly scary to see how quickly they are growing. We love our family portraits, especially the ones outdoors, they really capture the moment and they are so natural. In contrast my attempts at family shots comprise mostly snatched blurred selfies, so it is nice to have a few precious images of a moment in time (before our brood change and grow again!). See you for the next round soon.

Jane Page

It’s wonderful to have some lasting memories captured as a whole family, usually when we take photos, one of us is the photographer and we capture some of the family, but not all . We’ve had some amazing photos taken by Jools which always make me smile when I walk past them as we look so natural and happy. It’s lovely to have these reminders on how the family has grown over time. One of my favourites also has some word art containing each person’s favourite things which makes it even more personal and a real talking point when anyone visits.

Gail Paddy

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